Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sailor pants

Sailor pants began as part of a practical work uniform, worn exclusively for many years by Navy men. But sailor pants always had a fashionable side, even when old salts wore them on the high seas. The bell bottoms are roomy and comfortable. The lines are sharp. The buttons catch the eye. Not only are sailor pants retro; they were also retro when your great-great-grandmother was a girl. The appearance of sailor pants on women's clothing racks, then, isn't all that surprising.

Tricks the sailor pants can pull off for your body

*They hide thick, fat legs
*They flatter all body types
*They really elongate your legs making you look taller
*They cinch your waist making it look smaller
*They help give an illusion of a flat tummy
*They add curves to those with boyish figures
*They help draw attention on your upper body
*They give a flat booty some boost

In a cool fitting pair of sailor pants you will leave everyone saying Aye Aye hot captain! To your flawless, sleek look.

Today’s Sailor pants have undergone some pimping up of course. They are not the boring old kinds that were prominent with the stylish lot in the 1970’s. They are still flared but are now more detailed and way modish. And the best thing about them is that they give you a very flattering silhouette while keeping you on the forefront of the stylish lot and they can be worn as everyday wear.
The sailor pants that I’m most fond of though are those that have a mid-rise, with buttons on the front or the hip sides as detail. To distinguish sailor pants from high waist pants, you will notice that the sailor pants are fastened with buttons and not zippers. Very chic!

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