Friday, 9 March 2012

Levi’s launches Colour Ankle Skinny Jeans on Holi & Woman’s Day

This has to be the most beautiful coincidence of the year, the colorful festival and the celebration of a day about the most colorful creation of God, Woman. Have lots of fun guys and do take care.
On the occasion of Holi & Woman’s Day Levi’s has introduced its line of Colour Ankle Skinny Jeans. The collection is a riot of fresh and bright colours ranging from Bright Indigo to Tomato red, to Sunset coral.

Unlike other denim brands, Levi’s® Curve ID utilizes a unique, customized fit system focusing on a woman’s shape and proportions, not her size. The Levi’s® brand designers studied body scans of more than 60,000 women to develop custom fits based on the difference between the measurement of a woman’s hip and seat – the greater the difference, the more curvy the body – and include:
Slight Curve – designed to celebrate straight figures
Slight Curve is designed to define a woman’s waist, while accentuating her curves. If jeans fit in the hips and thighs but are too tight in the waist, a woman should try the Slight Curve.
Demi Curve – designed to fit even proportions
Demi Curve is designed to flatter a woman’s waist, while smoothing her shape. If jeans usually fit in the waist, but don’t flatter the figure, a woman should try the Demi Curve.
Bold Curve – designed to honor genuine curves
Bold Curve is designed to hug the waist, without gapping or pulling. If jeans fit in the hips and thighs, but gape in the back, a woman should try the Bold Curve.

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