Monday, 5 March 2012

The Do's And Don'ts of Wearing a Bra

Peek-a-boo bra staps, too-tight strapless styles, neon colors under sheer tops — these are the things these celebs should have avoided when choosing a bra! Thankfully, a few of them also got it right. Check out these pics to see how you should (and should not!) wear your bra.                          


Jessica Lowndes

DON'T: Wear a bra under a very sheer lace shirt. A tank or cropped cami looks much cuter

Emma Watson

DO: Wear a strapless bra that blends with the pattern if you're going to wear lace.

Shenae Grimes

DON'T: Wear a regular strap bra with a racer-back or halter top. Invest in a good convertible bra that will work with all styles!


Ashley Benson

DO: Hide your bra straps when wearing halter tops.


Demi Lovato

DON'T: Suffocate yourself with a too-small bra

Vanessa Hudgens

DO: Wear special bras that hook around your waist for backless dresses.

Annalynne McCord

DON'T: Wear a full coverage bra with a low-cut shirt

Selena Gomez

DO: Use stick-on cups or special bras for deep-V's when wearing plunging necklines.

Ashley Tisdale

DON'T: Wear a white bra under a sheer top. Nude is always the best way to go if you're unsure!


DO: Wear a seamless bra under silky fabrics that cling to you.

Ariana Grande

DON'T: Wear a lace bra with a light, fitted tank — the pattern will show right through.

Blake Lively

DO: Wear a nude bodysuit or liner under a dress with lots of opportunities for wardrobe malfunctions!


DON'T: Wear a bra that shows through your armholes. Try a Try a cami bra instead, another tank top, or opt for stick-on cups!

Lauren Conrad

DO: Wear a strapless push-up bra (that's not too tight!) with a strapless dress like Lauren


DON'T: Wear a heavily padded pushup bra if you're well endowed! It's total overkill, and looks like you're about to fall out of your dress.

Shay Mitchell

DO: Invest in double-stick tape to keep a strapless dress and bra neatly in place.

Amanda Seyfried

DON'T: Wear a v-neck top that dips down below your intimates. It isn't cute, and makes your shirt look too big!

Jennifer Hudson

DON'T: Wear skin tight white dresses! Okay, maybe that's unreasonable, but it's nearly impossible to make this look totally perfect, no matter what bra you wear.

Taylor Swift

DO: Make sure everything's in place when you're wearing a plunging neckline like Taylor. You don't want any straps peeking out!


Brooke Hogan

DON'T: Forget to look in the mirror before leaving the house! Brooke needs better coverage ASAP!

Jessica Simpson

DON'T: Let your bra lines show through your dress.


DO: Wear individual, stick-on cups if you're wearing a revealing dress, so you won't see your bra in the back or on the sides!


DO: Wear individual, stick-on cups if you're wearing a revealing dress, so you won't see your bra in the back or on the sides!

Miley Cyrus

DO: Choose to go bra-less (if you're petite) or wear stick-on's (if you're more enhanced) when going backless.

Audrina Patridge

DON'T: Wear a white bra under sheer, dark fabrics! Even if you can't see it, it will show up in pictures!

Hilary Duff

DO: Wear a dress with a built-in bra, not a bra and a strapless dress.

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  1. Oh my God, ALL of are taken straight from the Seventeen android app. I legit just looked at it an hour ago. Stupid website. Same pictures too.