Thursday, 12 January 2012

Today I woke up in a good mood as someone had given me kinda compliment in the night on FB.I was sooo bored that i ended up chatting with this guy who joined few days before i left office.I wanna keep in touch with him as he's intelligent,does his own projects is overall nice.I hope we do a project together in future cos the way he sees things and says his point of view without any doubts,says that he knows the site stuff unlike my ex-TL and a few other people ive worked with.Generally everyone would put their point of view even knowing that what they are saying is not 100% true but they would just pretend that they know it all.Well dont wanna think about those kinda people right now as i only wanna think good and feel good.
The morning started late and as there was no water i couldnt cook anything so i gave paneer and papaya to my baby which she likes usually and also idli for the tiffin.she enjoys eating is such a pleasure to pack lil different things in her lunch every morning and to see her eating properly.That moment when she eats well, i feel like the Best Cook in the world...not actually,but ya it tells me that i can cook!!
Then at 9.30 i dropped her to the creche,picked up the photos that i had given to develop as i had just bought a big 10 x 12" photoframe and a heart shaped small photoframe from westside...its a lovely piece.I also got two heart shaped frames joined together,white in color.Iam so eagerly waiting for 14th feb to get these hearts framed and cover up a whole wall with al those wonderful times' memories.also im waiting for my Hubby to come home afterall its been about a month now.I wish the moment he steps inside he feels wonderful and stays at home longer. :)
Today I spent 1.5hrs looking for a maid in this area but they are not easily available people say.It didnt go in vain as some people told me that they will ask the maid they know and then let me know if its available.Then i came back home,saw this maid sweeping on the first floor.I asked her and she was willing but settled down at quite a big amount,lets see how she does so ill decide wether ill need her everyday and the timings.Feels so relieved today,it solves most of my probs as all the problems start from not having a maid or someone to help/look after my baby...

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