Monday, 23 January 2012

Setting my priorities right

It was a lovely day as today I set my priorities right,made a list of all the things that i have set my mind on and i will be making a vision board of it soon.After I sent my lil angel to creche,i surfed the net for sometime but all in vain as i couldnt find a nice firm near my area.In the afternoon I decided to just relax and feel calm even though i have a lot of stress goin on.I have no idea if a nice job would land my way or not.But i do no regret quitting that j ob due to n no. of reasons,most importantly its way too far and i want to come home,pick my lil girl at a time when i can take her to a park ,can play with her outdoor.I know its hard to give her the best childhood that my parents gave me but im striving hard for it.One day,i know i would be successful to create the balance that is needed without getting stressed.Sometimes i feel may be i should teach in an instt. and come home in the afternoon and give all my time to my baby,so she feels secure.Ive been lucky to have a good childhood cos my mom used to come home in the afternoon as she teaches in a school.I used to wait for her to come and on those days when she'd be at home,our house really did feel like home.I cant forget how i craved for those days and feel sad for not being able to do the same for my lil one.

Anyway,apart from the pity party i did some soul searching on what i want from my life.Iam now clear about what i want from this year 2012 and what changes i'd like to see in me,my relationships with everything and everyone and the goals i have set.The list includes some petty things too and ive also promised myself that i will develop this habbit of making a monthly vision board so that i stay more focussed.The list is mostly about health,beauty,social life,job,self-improvement,relaxation.

To begin:
  • Make a list of your own priorities.  These are the things that are important to you, deserve your attention and make life meaningful and fulfilling.  They can include your spiritual needs, your need for intellectual growth or your health and wellness needs.  Once you’ve made your list, identify your top three priorities.
  • Make a similar list, but this time, focus on those needs and demands of others that you find take up your time and energy and take you away from focusing on your own priorities.  You may want to jot down items as you go through a typical day.  Notice demands, such as washing dishes, mundane tasks at work, volunteer work, responding to email and preparing meals.
  • Once you’ve made your list, identify three or more tasks that you can simply not do (sometimes we get stuck doing things because we feel we “should” but no real harm will come from skipping them).  If you’re a neat nick, you may be able to skip some of your regular cleaning, if you respond immediately to every email, call and social contact, you may be able to simply give up some less important interactions.  What you simply skip is dependent on your own personality and your assessment of what, in your life, you can loosen up on.
  • Now identify three or more tasks that you can give to someone else, train someone else to do or negotiate to offload
  • Giving unwanted tasks to someone else can be difficult, but it is possible.  Initially you may get some flack.  You may need to counter worries about disappointing or frustrating other people with thoughts such as “I can respond to other people better if I take care of myself” or “my needs are just as important as other people’s needs.”
  • Once you have given up some of those demands from others, be sure to replace them with your own priorities from the first list that you made.
Making a new habit takes time.  Pay close attention for several weeks, to ensure that new demands from others don’t creep up on you.  Once you’ve made a habit of including yourself on your priority list, you’ll be better able to say ‘no’ to other people’s demands that interfere with your ability to take care of yourself.

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  1. it is heartening to know that you want to give the best childhood to ur lil angel (i love her..muaah)but i personally think (after reading ur blog and posts) that u r trying to over stretch your capabilities and living with some imagination to make your life a perfect one....give some time to time so that u r more stable in life and then can plan things for your family in a better way..u can try to maintain a balance like ur mom did but i think first u set your priorities right as u can not do everything at one a good choreographer start with small steps and then proceed...all d best n i knw u can do wonders in ur life... always wid u... loads of love..