Monday, 30 January 2012

Make decluttering fun ~

This one is from a site that i visit often as it inspires me to declutter my house and makes me feel great!

Super Fling Boogie

It is time for our Super Fling Boogie! This works by all of us, as a collective group around the world, revving up our engines and committing to spend 15 minutes a day getting rid of the clutter in our homes! Are you ready to Fling? For the next few weeks we are on a journey to declutter! We are going to focus on the clutter in our house! We will also throw in a few surprise missions along the way so be on the look out!
To make this fun we have a pound meter set up below. We ask
that everyone either weigh or guesstimate the weight of what you get
out of your home. It could be trash, recycling or give away. If it
leaves your house, it counts as pounds tossed out of your home.
Enter how many pounds you have Flung so far! Great job!

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