Friday, 13 January 2012

Ahh! What a lovely place my home is....(not being sarcastic)

Yippiieee!!! Sooo Happy Iam...finally the lady with the broom arrives and takes all my sadness away! She came at 12.30 and looked like in a hurry,was telling me that she;s late for other's home.I asked her if she doesnt have fixed timings,she muttered something and i gently reminded her again that in a month or two i will be going to work and so then i will need her to come on a set time.She seemed to be ok though not sure how it will work out.Anyway Iam so happy today,ive made my lil place a cosy yet chic one but the dust,dirt never seemed to be going away plus i dont like to sweep,mop the floors everyday.There is already so much to do like getting up in the chilly weather,boiling bottles,milk,cooking,cleaning the counter,doing the dishes,getting my lil angel ready and dropping her.T hen i come home,arrange all the scattered stuff,clean (its not that i like doing cant imagine how overwhelmed i feel when i see myself standing in the chaos,its like i need something motivating,someone who can push me to clean up and stuff...then i remind myself of my mom;s crazy dialogues in an attempt to move my butt and get started).I dont like to step inside the kitchen much cos havent mopped the floor in weeks and i find it yucky to even acknowledge.(I hope this post does not get a lot of views,its one of those secrets i dont share with my best friend :p ) But seriously,the kitchen is like......I had always thought it will be fine when i will have a maid,till then why waste my energy.The drain sucks big time,one cant wash the dishes in kitchen cos u will have to pay for it by pushing all the stagnant water there so it goes down the drain.sad...but such is life! If anyone who is as messy,clumsy as me pls write to me so i know there are people like me....more imperfect than the general imperfect population and i can feel at ease by being 'me'.(pls dont take it so seriously that u stop reading, im trying to make my lil place a heavenly abode and i know im on the way to success!)

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