Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My dream job...

The whole day i was surfing for my profession related blogs,competitions and other interesting things as well as a good office in delhi as im going to look for a job as soon as i finish making my portfolio.I have just started with it as only a few days ago i got a new laptop.honestly speaking i was browsing more about fashion rather than jobs and had a hard time concentrating on the stuff i ought to be browsing.But as they say ''all is well that ends well" ,its not so bad since i just completed the step-1 i.e. zeroing in on the firms that fit my criteria of 'my kinda office'' ;)
1. It has to have well qualified,young crowd
2. It should have a few renowned projects or it should be located in south delhi.
3. The projects should be interesting,large-scale.
4. It should have some national or international awards,projects published in magazines like A+D.
5. Salary should be a lil more than i was getting though if the co. is great i dont mind.
6. I would love to work in an office which is spacious,got nice ambience,and not situated in the basement as most offices are.

Feels like iam doing day-dreaming more than moving my ass and do some hardwork.But i wanna join a firm which is equivalent if not better than the firm i last worked in so i'll take time before i take the plunge.

Today i made a vision board of the office where i would like to work.I didnt give a damn to the aesthetics,i was busy browsing so i just copied and pasted wherever i could in order to not waste any more time.Its good enough to read and inspires me to go and get my dream job.

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