Saturday, 18 February 2012

16th angel met her cousins

One of my close relatives had come on thurs.It was the second time i met them in the last 3 years and i'd been waiting to meet her as i was in touch with her through FB mostly and she is a really sweet person.She has 2 adorable boys aged-3 & 10.They arrived at 4.30 and since they were in a hurry,they were leaving at 6 but as they stepped out,my father was coming and so they had to stay a lil longer.We chatted on different topics and felt like all of us had known each other since long.I gave my lappy to the elder kid so that he isnt bored and the lil one was making some drawings and was telling me funny stories related.He was reallly cute and the way he was speaking a few things in hindi it looked v sweet.I asked him which oil do you use.he said "Baha-dugar oil".lol (Bahadurgarh is the village they are staying at since all their relatives live there).Then he took me out to show me the car his dad drove and asked me where i would like to sit.He said he preferred to sit in the front with his dad.I asked him if i can also take my mom dad along.He didnt look v pleased and said "nahii...pishkii-pishkii ho jayegi".(pichak jayegi= it will get crowded).

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