Monday, 26 December 2011

one life to live

Since long ive had this urge to create a nice blog and be regular towards blogging.Its one of the things on my long "to-Do List" ,its one in which ive penned down the lil things that i want to do when i have the right time and oppurtunity in life.Sometimes in the daily humdrum of life i feel so trapped in the routine,that i begin to feel ill never have time or may be i will be doing those things when my baby grows up..when she paints,ill paint ; when she writes/read ill do it too....etc.
You just have one life to live then why waste it.

When you are lying on your deathbed, with only a week or two left to live, what will you wish you had done differently in your life? Would you have spent more time with your family and friends? Would you have simplified your life so you wouldn't have had to work so hard? Would you have said, "I love you," more often?

-Verla Kay

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